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Exclusive Distributors, UK & Ireland, for these fine lighting brands.



Wästberg emerged from a young Swedish man’s precocious insight. He sought to bring back light to human proximity. Rekindle the appreciation of sublime shadows and contrasts. Economise on energy and materials.

The result. A stunning contemporary lighting range combining aesthetics, cutting-edge technology and resource conservation.



PARACHILNA was born from a love of luxury. For them, luxury is about the integrity of design, the quality of the materials and the artisanal craftsmanship that creates it while preserving the skills and knowledge of the few metalsmiths, glass blowers, ceramicists and other skilled craftsmen that remain in Europe and, we hope, in other parts of the world.


Pablo Designs

Pablo Designs was founded in San Francisco in 1993 by Venezuelan-born industrial designer Pablo Pardo. Embracing a less-is-more ideology, Pablo  frequently challenges traditional design metaphors, developing more practical solutions distilled down to their essence, form and light. A common thread links all of its creations, valuing permanence and sustainability, discarding the disposable mindset so prevalent today. Its mission is to create designs that deepen the relationship between objects, their users, and their environments.